Enjoying the experience of best cigars available is no longer just for seasoned smokers. Enjoying the best cigars the world has to offer has now become rather a staple in modern society, attracting both veterans and novices alike. It appears smoking cigars represents an air of character and sophistication, perfect blend of class and pleasure. Whether you like to enjoy a nice satisfying smoke after a long day’s hard work, or just at the lounge with some friends and drinks, cigars are a wonderful compliment to a relaxing lifestyle. You only live once, light up and relax.

The process of selecting the finest cigars for your tastes is no longer a daunting proposition. You can indeed find the finest cigars from around the world. Some folks swear by the body of the cigar, others enjoy the size’s effect on flavor, yet cigar aficionados may drool over its ratings. Whatever floats your boat, you are sure to find a wide selection to satisfy your pleasures. And you will also be pleased to hear about awesome discount bargains that won’t hurt your pockets. Enjoy the good life, the cigar life. Work hard, play hard, enjoy the best cigars in the world, need we say more.

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Our team of international passionate and experienced smokers does the heavy lifting, rigorously analysing hundreds of premium cigars to build our catalogue.  Through blind-tests, they describe the mechanical, raw, gustative and overall organoleptic characteristics presented by each cigar at the highest degree of detail.



Gotham Cigars carries all of the most popular premium cigar brands including: Arturo Fuente, Rocky Patel, Acid, and Gurkha to name a few as well as all major domestic cigar brands such as: Balck & Mild, Swisher Sweets, Backwoods, and Phillies among others. Gotham Cigars also carries an extensive selection of cigar humidors and cigar accessories from Xicar lighters and cutters to our own Gotham Cigars brand humidor solution. Gotham Cigars has something for all cigar smokers whether they are premium cigar smokers or machine made cigar smokers.


cigar one.png, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is one of the most trusted and revered on-line sources for premium hand-rolled, long-filler Cuban cigars. An extensive collection of Habanos coupled with a wide selection of Limited Edition Humidors available for sale, lend incomparable prestige and reverence to the site. Guaranteed shipping, a commitment to sell only the highest quality Cuban cigars and a very tailored customer service, places CigarOne on the top of every aficionados retailer list.


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For the seasoned cigar aficionado on the hunt for an unforgettable smoke or the newcomer with a developing palate, JR Cigar is your place for an extraordinary smoking experience. Our dedicated staff of cigar experts has gathered a gigantic, unrivalled inventory of fine cigars, accessories like humidors and lighters, as well as domestic/imported pipe tobacco to accommodate your distinct tastes.


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Combining the tradition of cigars with the technology of the digital age, Antonio Villárd has brought the enjoyment of a premium cigar experience into the 21st century. Antonio Villárd is a retail and distribution company that has an arrangement to distribute Electronic Cigars both domestically and internationally.