When it comes to fragrance, both sexes will find that finding the best fragrances for men or best fragrances for women usually boils down to developing an innate sense of what most appeals to you. One’s choice of fragrance speaks to sophistication and style. Another opportunity to express your own personality and flair.   The traditional classification system for fragrances includes florals – dominated by one or more flowers- or amber fragrances which are naturally sweet, exotic with powerful allure, and woody fragrances, notably for men, tend to be typified by nuances of sandalwood and cedar notes.

Honey and tobacco scents fall into the leather family, while bergamot and labdanum are found in the chypre category, and herbaceous fougere scents are composed using lavender, coumarone and oak moss. Modern best fragrances for men and best fragrances for women involve breaking down the families as such; citrus-based scents, aquatic scents which are lovely and unisex, can’forget the green scents that are primarily light and typified by shades of grass or cucumber. Whatever suits your fancy and personal tastes, you are bound to find just the perfect fragrances to set your world alight, and even better when you can get awesome deals that don’t break the bank.


At Penhaligon’s we understand the emotive power of scent. It can unlock memories and open doors; it can stop us in our tracks, lost somewhere for a moment in time. Recollections triggered by a dusting or iris, a whisper of clove, a burst of juicy nectarine, a trail of smoky incense, a creamy lick of vanilla.

Our fragrant adventure began in the Victorian era of decadence and carries us into the future as we strive to create original scents for the discerning eccentrics of today. True modern dandies and bold women who are proud to go their own way.


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For over 60 years, The Estée Lauder Companies has built an unrivaled portfolio of brands. Our products are sold in more than 150 countries and range from entry-level prestige to ultra-premium luxury.



The art of creating distinguished fragrances is in the Floris blood.

Over 300 years ago, Juan Famenia Floris created his first fragrance and recorded the formula in a large leather bound book. He continued to craft individual blends for his distinguished customers and with each new fragrance the original formula was handwritten in this very book. For three centuries these recordings, along with the many more that followed, have been meticulously cared for in the vaults at 89 Jermyn Street and handed down through each generation of family, providing inspiration for the unique Floris fragrances created today.

Using the knowledge and expertise handed down over centuries; the eighth and ninth descendents proudly continue the family’s work creating exquisite perfumes for stylish generations to stand the test of time.